Month: June 2019

Vulnerable populations

The vaccine injured are among the group that cannot (should not) be vaccinated. You know, the “vulnerable” population that vaccine advocates demand everyone else set themselves on fire in order to keep them warm.
Otherwise known as “Duh”!
Those that were in this population to begin with (ie: immune-compromised) still demand that those who have involuntarily joined their ranks (via vaccination) be further vaccinated (this is the California model being created by Senator Pan via draconian bills that mandate vaccination, remove medical exemptions and criminalize physicians who practice medicine by listening to their patients and taking medical histories).
Here’s the rub: this population is growing. Well, it does shrink too. When they die as a result of vaccination. So there’s that.
The problem (the BIG problem) is you don’t always know if you are among the group that will be harmed by vaccination until you vaccinate. There is zero research (that I know of) trying to figure this out. Gee, if we had done randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trials from the get go we might have some data on this – or some clues about where to look to further refine the research. But we have not done this, and as far as I can tell there are no plans to do this type of gold-standard research.
We deserve better. Those who have been harmed from vaccination especially deserve better.