Ted Kuntz: Letter to legislators

This post is a letter from a parent of a child (now dead) injured by vaccines and is shared with his permission.


My letter to the MLAs in New Brunswick as they contemplate being the first province in Canada to mandate vaccines for school attendance:

To the members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

Re: Proposed legislation to make vaccines mandatory for school attendance

Your government has declared its intention to introduce legislation that is sweeping in its implications and therefore is deserving of more than the minimal time being given to truly understand the broad and deep implications of such legislation, not the least of which is the violation of Sections 1, 2, 7, and 15 of the Canadian Constitution, the Nuremburg Code, and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, to which Canada is a signatory.

I am the parent of a vaccine injured child, now deceased, and I have spent literally thousands of hours considering the vaccine matter, both the ethics and the science. The information I have discovered is considerable and disconcerting. I have summarized my concerns down to three:

1. The Safety of the Childhood Vaccine Program Has Not Been Established

The vaccine industry claims that the ‘artificial stimulation of the immune system’ with injected ingredients (vaccination) is “the safest, most effective and best way to protect our children and communities”. This opinion, however, is not supported by robust scientific evidence. The fact is that we don’t really know the safety of the current childhood vaccination program because the science has not been done to the level that would produce this conclusion. This is not my opinion, but rather the opinion of the Institutes of Medicine.

The prestigious Institutes of Medicine (IOM) found that the safety of the current childhood vaccine schedule has never been proven in large, long-term clinical trials. They state:

“Few studies have attempted more global assessment of entire sequence of immunizations or variations in the overall immunization schedule and categories of health outcomes, and none has squarely examined the issue of health outcomes and stakeholder concerns in quite the way that the committee was asked to do its statement of task. None has compared entirely unimmunized populations with those fully immunized for the health outcomes of concern to stakeholders.”

In 2011, the Institutes of Medicine reviewed 155 health conditions associated with the Varicella, Tetanus, Hepatitis B & MMR vaccines. In only 5 cases did the scientific evidence reject causation. In 134 cases the IOM deemed there were too few scientifically sound studies published in the medical literature to determine whether more than 100 serious brain and immune system problems are or are not caused by the vaccines, including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus, stroke, SIDS, autism and asthma.

Vaccines have not been tested for their ability to cause cancer (carcinogenicity); their ability to damage an organism (toxicity); their ability to damage genetic information within a cell (genotoxicity); their ability to change the genetic information of an organism (mutagenicity); their ability to impair fertility; and for long-term adverse reactions. Product information inserts for each vaccine make this evident.

No Neutral Placebos

On examining the vaccine safety science, what an informed parent discovers is that none of the vaccines on NB’s childhood vaccination schedule were tested against a neutral placebo. The reason this is so critically important is because the safety profile of a medical product cannot be determined unless it has been tested against a control group given a neutral placebo. This standard of safety testing is required for all pharmaceutical products excepting vaccines.

This fact was recently confirmed by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) who analyzed all the scientific evidence on which Health and Human Services (HHS) in the US rests its claim of vaccine safety. ICAN meticulously reviewed every single study provided by HHS and is the basis on which the FDA and (by extension) Health Canada licenses vaccines. The lack of a control group given an inert placebo should alarm everyone concerned about vaccine safety.
Clearly, the safety of the childhood vaccine program has not been established. For any vaccine to be mandated, much less the entire vaccine schedule, without adequate safety data is nothing short of medical malpractice.

2. The Impact of Mandating Vaccines

It is important we be fully aware of the impact mandating vaccines would have on our rights and freedoms.

Loss of Personal Self-Determination

Mandatory vaccinations would mean that individuals no longer have self-determination over their own body or that of their children. Instead industry and government agents would have the authority to forcibly impose medical interventions upon healthy citizens. This is effectively legalized ‘medical assault’.

This action would establish a very dangerous precedent. While the context of the current debate is about vaccines, the potential impact is more significant. This decision extinguishes the right of Canadians to decide what goes into our body and the body of our children. It declares that our body does not belong to us.

A Significant Change in Medical Ethics

Mandatory vaccination would also mean a significant change in how medicine is practiced. Presently every physician embraces the ethic – ‘First do no harm’. As a community we uphold the principle – If there is risk, there must be choice. Forced vaccinations would disregard these principles and ethics.

Vaccination is an invasive medical treatment with known risks including death. US Law deems vaccinations “unavoidably unsafe”, meaning that even when used as directed an unknown number of individuals will be injured or killed by vaccines.

Our current medical ethics supports the right that no one should be forced to undergo an invasive medical procedure without his or her informed consent. We condemned the forced sterilization of individuals with developmental disabilities, the Tuskegee experiments that infected black inmates without their knowledge or consent, and the Nazi practices that included involuntary euthanasia, experimentation, and sterilization. Yet today we are considering medical practices and ethics similar to those we previously condemned.

3. Vaccine Manufacturers are Not Legally Liable for Injury and Death

We need to be thoughtful and vigilant before considering the idea of mandating an invasive medical procedure without informed consent. This is especially true where the motive of profit can distort the value and benefit of such medical procedures.

Vaccine manufacturers operate as for-profit businesses. Their goal is to have the highest financial return possible, eliminate competition, use advertising and propaganda to promote their products, and they employ lobbyists to influence governments to provide them a favorable position in the market. The vaccine industry is not accountable to the public. It is accountable to shareholders.

Vaccine Makers Have Legal Immunity

An action that inadvertently undermined the need for robust vaccine safety testing was the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Act (NCVIA) by the US Congress in 1986. This act of Congress relieved vaccine manufacturers of any legal liability for harm or injury, including death, caused by their products. This action was initiated as a result of the large number of legal decisions against vaccine manufacturers because of vaccine injuries and deaths.

The vaccine industry successfully argued that these legal actions would bankrupt the vaccine industry and deprive government of an ability to respond in the event of a biological attack. The consequence is that the only way a vaccine manufacturer can be held legally liable is if they are aware of an adverse effect of their product and fail to properly inform the public. The unintended consequence is that the less the vaccine manufacturer knows about the harmful effects of their products, the safer they are from liability.

The result of this legal immunity is that no one is held responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by vaccination. This freedom from liability includes not only the vaccine manufacturers, but also government agents in the CDC and FDA, and those who encourage, license and administer vaccines including doctors and nurses. Health officials in Canada experience de facto immunity from liability.

A consequence of this legal immunity is there is no legal or financial incentive for the vaccine industry to make their products safer, even when there is evidence that vaccines can be made safer. This creates a very dangerous situation. The vaccine industry has effectively been given license to injure and kill our children with impunity. Combine this reality with the growing efforts to take away the right of parents to voluntary and informed consent and you have a very dangerous situation. Unfortunately, this is the state of New Brunswick today.

There is evidence that the legal immunity provided to vaccine manufacturers has increased the risk of harm to our children. Efforts are now underway in the United States to rescind the National Childhood Vaccine Act and once again hold vaccine manufacturers liable for vaccine injury and death.

This legal immunity was designed to protect the vaccine industry. It was not designed to protect citizens from harm.

Vaccines are the fastest growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry with 271 vaccines under development. The vaccine industry is enjoying spectacular growth. The global vaccine market tripled in value from $5 billion in 2000 to almost $24 billion in 2013 and is projected to rise to $100 billion by 2025.

We ought to be extremely careful when a for-profit business, with no legal liability, is given influence to decide what goes into our bodies and that of our children. We also ought to be extremely vigilant to ensure our governments are not being corrupted and co-opted by industry money. Currently there exists no significant separation between industry and government.

More, Not Less

A decision of the significance of mandatory vaccinations and the loss of informed consent requires:

• More conversation, not less.
• More information, not less.
• More evidence and scrutiny, not less.
• More caution, not less.
• More oversight, not less.

Unfortunately, the opposite is occurring.

This is why we need your help. You have a responsibility to the citizens of New Brunswick and all Canadians to get this right. Rushing the debate on mandatory vaccinations won’t serve us well. Forcing vaccinations upon unwilling citizens will undermine our democracy. Taking away personal rights and freedoms will change Canada forever. Mandating vaccines is a serious decision that affects every Canadian, now and for generations to come.

I respectfully ask that you delay any consideration of this legislation until you fully understand all the issues from a legal, medical, ethical, moral and fiscal perspectives. This issue is infinitely greater than the very small number of measles infections in NB.

Your constituents deserve good leadership that avails itself of accurate, up-to-date, unbiased, scientific information.


Ted Kuntz, parent of a vaccine injured child, now deceased

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My letter to the MLAs in New Brunswick as they contemplate being the first province in Canada to mandate vaccines for…

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