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Please understand these notes were jotted down as I listened – names are likely mis-spelled, none of my notes in any of these posts should be considered exact. The reader is encouraged to go to the ACIP website and view the meeting once it is posted. My thoughts/opinion are in this color.

Public comments: Generally my favorite part! Comments are limited to 3 min, pre-register and chosen by lottery. 

Ms Wendy ____: Mother of a son who was vaccine-injured after his 4 months shots. She was gas-lit when she reported the injury. HCP would not report it to VAERS (she ultimately did it herself). She stated parents are not being given informed consent, among other issues. Another woman held up a photo of her son as an infant.

Dr. Eve Switzer: spoke in favor of vaccines. She is a pediatrician in private rural practice. She gives vaccines, not her nurse. Asked for clarification regarding MenB vaccine. Condemned abuse directed toward those who are pro-vac. (Hmmm … I wonder if she would recognize and condemn the abuse that is heaped upon those who are in favor of medical freedom and individual decision-making in regards to vaccination?!) 

Dr. James Newenschwander: Double board certified. He challenged anyone to a debate about the safety of vaccines. Stated the primary reason for vaccine hesitancy is lack of true vaccine safety data. (YES!!) He states ACIP is participating in industry wide phenom he calls junk science. Gave specific example of junk science regarding MMR research. Discussed previous ACIP meetings where they admitted pneumococcal vac does not work but left it on the schedule.

Ms Helen Woods:  Cries of parents fall on deaf ears (ie: the ACIP committee). Battle for vaccine truth is just one battle in the greater war of good v evil. She is doing this as an example to/for her children. She does not expect them (ACIP) to acknowledge vaccine damage because they are embedded in the system.

Ms. Amy Gordon: gave stats about how sick our children are – ACIP response is add more vaccines and promote more vaccine … stop insulting our intelligence, be transparent about vaccine issues, address our (parents) concerns. Example: a few people ill from romaine lettuce – product pulled. Infant dies after vac, nothing is done. Vaccines – leading cause of unexamined coincidence worldwide. Heavy metals in baby food – outrage, but we are supposed to believe the same heavy metals in vaccines are safe (regardless of what medical lit states). Chicken pox in NY schools even though no unvac students present. You have created army of pissed off parents/g-parents, etc

Mr Chad Hayes: did not come forward when called

Laura Moretti: Quotes from Albert Einstein, Eurypides. She questions safety of CDC ACIP recs, especially regarding SIDS. Raised issue of no vac/unvac studies, no studies on long-term health, no studies with true placebos.

LJ Tan: chief strategy officer of IAC. Spoke in favor of the “neighborhood” strategy – all providers who see a patient are to promote/provide vaccination for all patients at all visits. Mostly he promoted his organization. 

Ms Donna Dryer: BSN, RN in Cali and NC. Mumps/chickenpox survivor! Disillusioned with sick care system rather than health care – one size fits all approach. US is one of the most heavily vac’d nations in the world, yet look at our health outcomes. Health does not come in a syringe or pill. Good medicine needs docs free to practice without govt/corp constraints. Asked for DB RCT with true placebo, vac/unvac study, return of liability to manufacturers to rebuild trust and confidence. 

Ms Jennifer Koch: not her first ACIP, came to Feb 2019 also – left more steadfast than ever to no longer vaccinate. Testifies that her son is healthy because of other parents and information she gleaned from them – not vaccines (she stated she did vaccinate). ACIP has lost her trust/confidence, appalled at their process. Cries of parents/g-parents fall on deaf ears of ACIP. Asked them to challenge data provided by drug manufacturers. 

Mr. Elijah Bunch:   Been about 1 year since his son, Christopher, died. He blames Merck, ACIP, CDC for his death because of their recs – killed by HPV vaccine. Gave his testimony in tears while wearing a tee-shirt with a pic of his now dead son.  

Ms Julie Murphy: works at IAC in St Paul. Thanked ACIP. Gave an emotional testimony of what if her dau got a cancer that could have been prevented. (Uh – not a spec of evidence yet that Gardisil et al can achieve that … not sure if she was referring to this or Hep B vac since she was not specific, her dau only at risk of liver cancer caused by Hep B if her lifestyle choices put her at risk unless she contracted Hep B from mom while in utero or at birth … in which case she would have or should have recv’d Hep B Immune Globulin and Hep B vaccine at birth virtually eliminating risk of liver CA from Hep B – though even that is complicated) Gave emotional testimony regarding a nephew who has CF and relies on others to vaccinate. (Hmm … immune compromised are at risk regardless of who does or does not vaccinate and need to take measures to protect themselves and not expect others to accept risks of vaccination involuntarily). ACIP are “rock stars”.

Caitlin Clobes: spoke of SIDS – and its relationship to vaccines. Studies on this end with hypothesis that are never followed up on with further studies. Her dau, Evee, died following vaccination and is fighting with pathologist regarding autopsy result follow up. “Your recommended schedule killed my daughter!”  (Cannot recommend listening to her interview with Del Bigtree on the Highwire strongly enough!)


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