Vaxxed II – The Shoah Project for Vaccines

Yesterday I attended the Atlanta premiere for Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth. While it was gut-wrenching and heart-breaking to listen to so many stories of devastation following vaccination there were also notes of hope – the contrast of the good health of the unvaccinated.

I refer to this as the Shoah Project for Vaccines. Steven Spielberg started his Shoah Project to record the oral histories of survivors of the Holocaust in response to those who denied the Holocaust ever happened. After Vaxxed came out and the bus tour began (this history is briefly reviewed in Vaxxed II) Polly Tommey began filming (mostly) parents experiences with vaccine injury. After being informed by so many that their observations were merely “coincidences” and that their concerns were not valid someone finally **listened** to them and took them seriously. She has documented thousands of these histories (and to date the Vaxxed bus now has more than 7,000 names of vaccine injured or dead recorded on it).

There was a wide variety of people represented – this issue does not discriminate regardless of race, ethnicity, level of income, level of education, etc. Parents were interviewed, older children and teens who could speak for themselves were interviewed, medical professionals.

As was pointed out in Vaxxed II, there already exists a control group (a form of a convenience sample) – the (unvaccinated or less vaccinated) siblings of the vaccine-injured. The contrast in health within a family group where the primary differential is vaccination (or lack thereof) is a screaming red flag begging the question of why a formal vaccinated/unvaccinated study has yet to be done. Any honest researcher will acknowledge that this “anecdata” spontaneously generates the null hypothesis begging for an answer: “Vaccines do not cause autism”. (Hint: if the null hypothesis is proven there would be no Vaxxed and certainly no Vaxxed II!!)

I can only hope that at some point the wider community will acknowledge the reality of vaccine injury (or death) much like the world (generally) acknowledges the Holocaust with deniers being a maginalized minority. But in the meantime more are being added to the ranks of the vaccine injured. The only way this will stop is when we have freedom to choose without manipulation, coercion, or forced compliance along with solid data by which we can make a rational risk/benefit analysis. The only way we can acquire this data is to make double-blind randomized placebo controlled trials (where the placebo is a biologically inert substance not another vaccine or biologically active excipient). We deserve better from vaccine scientists and policy makers.

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