Vast Anti-Vax Conspiracy

Many who advocate for vaccines claim that those who do not share their views have embraced a false conspiracy that vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Nonsense. The actual conspiracy is the pro-vac believing such a thing exists. It isn’t false – opinions around vaccines are changing. The pro-vac have only themselves to blame. They have created this problem for themselves in a number of ways.

Number 1: By refusing to do actual science to determine real safety, real efficacy of vaccines by doing multiple randomized double-blind placebo controlled trials (where the placebo is NOT biologically active). Instead, they do comparator studies, sometimes also called “non-inferiority” studies. One vaccine is compared to another vaccine. It dilutes any identification of adverse events and side effects because like is being compared to like. This is not gold standard science. It is pseudo-science. It is junk science.

Vaccine manufacturers must release all their data so it can be examined by independent scientists. Given the flagrent conflict of interest between government and the companies, the American tax-payer has paid for this data – we own it, fiscally and morally, as so many have paid with their lives. Given the corporate fascism and regulatory capture, these companies cannot claim it is “proprietary” data.

Number 2: By gas-lighting people who have seen vaccine injury first-hand. Mothers and fathers who have documented in picture and video, and seen with their own eyes, what happened to their children after they received the “safe and effective” vaccine. Gas-lighting is the ultimate ad hominem attack. When someone resorts to an ad hominem attack they have conceded the argument and are attacking the person instead of addressing the substance of the issue at hand.

Number 3: By heavy-handed imposition of vaccine use via manipulation and coercion. Denying people the ability to work unless they are vaccinated, denial of school entry without vaccination, requiring “exemptions” of any kind (any “exemption” begins and ends with the healthcare provider offering vaccination and the recipient declining it), by insisting on keeping records and databases for vaccine tracking. This is a massive violation of both privacy and personal autonomy.

The only way to end the “vast anti-vaccine conspiracy” is to:

A) Do the science. See what the data says. Multiple randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trials (where the placebo is not biologically active). Multiple studies, short and long-term, comparing the health of the vaccinated with the unvaccinated, where the definition of health is not limited to not experiencing symptoms of an infection targeted by a vaccine, but also includes presence or absence of chronic disease. It isn’t “health” to suppress a self-limiting infection that rarely results in death or long-term disability while observing chronic disease sky-rocket. It isn’t “science” to exclude vaccines as a variable in this phenomena. No one, parents or an adult, can make an informed decision about receiving or declining a vaccine without this information. We don’t know what we don’t know, and we do not know if vaccines are contributing to chronic disease. We have no way of making a rational risk/benefit decision with this lack of information.

B) Stop the manipulation and coercion. Doing the science first is integral to this, as informed consent cannot happen absent trustworthy and complete information – which right now we do not have. Stop linking vaccination with school, work or anything else. No more “exemptions”. Basically, create a product people will demand use of spontaneously because it is so safe, so effective. The free-market works, when it is free.

C) Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. It transferred all liability from the manufacturer to the end user even while the choice around use was removed (via mandates). If the manufacturers are immune from liability the end user must be “immune” from the requirement to use the product!

We deserve better. We deserve real science, not pseudo junk science. No one deserves to be gas-lit. We deserve to be believed because we are right to believe what we have seen and experienced. We deserve the freedom to chose whether or not to use a liability free product without being denied a job or an education.

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